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Best time of a day

Hola everyone,  I have a question for you guys.. Will u care to answer ? So here it is.. Which is the most favourite time of your day?  Obviously it is rhetorical but anyone who is interested can let me know. According to me, for most people it is morning time when it's all bright and shine.. when everything and everyone is just rising.. it's a new day. New start.. new beginning. .possibility of anything.. right? But most probably that's something only a morning person would say ..Isnt it?? Me on the other hand like I don't know how many people LOVE the evenings maybe because I was born at night right before midnight and was preparing during sunset to get into this world.. A little cheesy but which tells me I'm a evening person or night person. I just love this time of the evening when the sun is almost about to set. It's sunset time .. the most beautiful time of the day for me. Looking at it and appreciating it and just gazing at it in a
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What is LOVE? A four letter word making everyone go crazy trying to understand what it really is, what does it stand for, is it for one person or for all present in your life, is it practical or does believing in it makes you a fool. Is it worth it or time consuming or something worth living for and spreading it everywhere. People write stories on it, poems, make sacrifices, series, movies, books. You name it and it's all most probably done. This word has a certain buzz from centuries past and we can still see it in the present modern world where living life practically is not only a trend but a way of living. If you are not practical you might as well give up and be done with your doomed life. Sounds cynical. Maybe.. maybe not..  I do believe in living a practical life but no matter what we all have this hopelessly romantic side of us hidden somewhere deep inside us which comes out while watching a certain romantic movie,  a romantic novel or a serial or just watching any cut

Celebrate Life in each and every Breath.

 Life as we know it is a celebration in itself from the moment we first start breathing till the moment we take our last breath. Each and every moment is precious but is only acknowledged when the moment is long past. In our Present moment we are either thinking of our future or planning for our Golden future or thinking about our past and relieving the past memories and moments. Are we ever present in the moment? The present is now. Isn't it? So why are we always in our future or our past? Why are we not giving more importance to the Present moment which is now? It's a simple question but which needs to be asked and pondered upon regularly until we know the gist and the importance of the present. How many of you do agree with this? Guys I know its a little serious topic to start a blog with but its crucial right now that we each live our life in the present moment. Why? You may ask so.. Well I remember this story of a small boy who was told by an old wise man